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Wealth Transfer Planning

Did you know up to 53% of your net worth could go to taxes?

The day you die, each asset you own is virtually sold. Each asset will be taxed differently. We can work with you and your accountant to reduce the amount you pay!

Give more to family and charity!

When you reduce your taxes, more money goes to your causes and your family. It is your money, you should decide how it gets spent!

Build a bridge, leave a legacy!

Whether it’s for family and loved ones or a charitable institution, then you need to put a well-thought-out Estate Plan (bridge) in place, so your legacy is established in accordance with your wishes.

Wealth Transfer Planning

What's next?

Discover Your Needs!

We take a moment to get to know you, your family, business, and your dreams.

It is important for us to understand your goals and how much taxes you will have to pay today before we can plan for tomorrow.

Review Your Options!

We are happy to work with your current team such as estate lawyer or accountant in drawing up a plan.

Our team will provide a proposal which makes sense to your current situation. We are happy to work with your team on getting approval and leaving a larger legacy to your family.

Adjust & Achieve

Positive and negative changes will come in our life from time to time. As your life changes so will your strategies and goals.

It is important to stay in touch and review. This will allow you to continue to achieve your dreams!