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Group Benefits

Reduce turnover & attract quality talent!

By having a competitive benefits plan, it shows you care about your employees. In todays labor market, employees want to be valued.

Reduce taxes!

It is 20% cheaper to add group benefits then to raise an employee's wage. By offering group benefits, group saving plans and pensions, it is tax deductible and doesn't raise EI, CPP or other payroll taxes.

Increase morale!

When you offer a competitive benefits package, it helps you build a positive relationship with your staff!

Group Benefits

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Doesn't matter if it is your first time or looking for better service, we are here to help!

We take the time to understand your industry and employees to make sure we prepare the right options for you!

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We will do the work to organize your proposal and make it clear and easy to understand so you can make an informed decision for your employees.

Adjust and Achieve!

Did you know if you do not review your benefits package regularly you could be overpaying?

It is important to stay in touch and review. This will allow you to continue to have a competitive plan and happy employees.