Frequently Asked Questions

You Have A Question. We Have An Answer.

Am I the right client for you?

Who do you work best with?

All of our clients have a few things in common. They must be responsible, can make decision based on facts, economic growth potental, and most importantly must be friendly.

Are you a broker or an agent?

When you are ready to engage, we will explore our privacy and disclosure agreement and answer the question in more detail.

We are independent insurance agents. For simplicity, we start off with showing you Canada Life products for you to get an understanding of your coverage.
When you are ready to move forward, we compare CanadaLife Products with other insurance companies to make sure you are getting the best product to meet you and your families needs.

As for investments, we have access to all mutual fund companies. Based on our experience and expertise, we use Quadrus Investment Services and Fidelity Investment

What is your investing philosophy?

We believe in goal-based investing (GBI) and long-term solutions. In this modern strategy, we make reasonable expectations and build a portfolio to match your risk tolerance for you to achieve your goal.
Some of our competitors focus on highest returns or unreasonable expectations. We want you to achieve your goals, and that requires honesty and using real information.

When it comes to picking a portfolio, we use our expertise and consult with our experts. We believe in diversity to balance out risk for long-term growth and success.

Do I need a minimum amount to invest with you?

To use our Goals-Based-Investing (GBI) technology, you need to invest $25,000.
If you are the right client for us, and do not have $25,000 we put you on our accelerated program. We work with you on creating a spending plan and cash flow management to reach the minimum and update your goals!

Do you have reviews or testimonials?

We do! Please check-out our contact page and you will see our google maps location. Some of our clients have provided us with their thoughts.

How do you get paid?

What are your fees?

When you are ready to engage, we will go through our privacy and disclosure agreement and cover this answer in detail.

But here is the short answer...

When you invest, there is a cost for investing and a cost for service. Cost for investing is based on choice of investments. Cost for service is decided between you and I. Depending your level of service you require, fee ranges from 0.5-1.25%. Money will be paid indirectly through your investment account.

For insurance, my compensation is built into the premium. The insurance company you select will pay me indirectly. There is no direct cost or fee for my service for insurance.

Does your method of compensation cause a conflict of interest?

No, becausee you are a client, not a number. We have a vetted interest in your success. When you succeed everyone wins!
When it comes to insurance, if you cancel an insurance product it is possible, we have to pay some if not all of our compensation back. It is in our best interest you have a long-term solution you believe in.

What is Goals-Based Investing (GBI)?

Exactly how it sounds, focused on your short, medium and long-term goals.
We assess your risk tolerance to make sure you stay invested for the long-term.

Our modern technology rebalances your portfolio to take advantage of the sell high-buy low philosophy.

You have access to some of the best portfolio mangers in the world who excel in strength, focus, and discipline. These people rely on there expertise and experience, not investment trends.