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Buy-Sell Funding

Protect business income

When preparing a Buy-Sell funding strategy, we take into consideration the business may lose cashflow at the beginning. Our strategies will provide the company with extra cash to maintain full production and value.

Provide liquidity options

Receive money from an insurance company to purchase the shares of your partner. This will help protect company assets when his estate requests a buy-out.

Exit strategy!

With long term planning, you can use your life insurance policy as strategy to buy-out a partner’s shares. You can also use an insurance policy to get money out of the corporation tax free!

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Buy-Sell Funding

Whats next?

Discover Your Needs!

We discuss and define your goals. We establish which ones are a priority and which would be nice to have.

We evaluate how much the company as worth to make sure you and yoru family get fair value for the company

Review Your Options

When you know your business has right buy-sell funding in place, your family will get the money they deserve and your legacy will live on.

Adjust and Achieve

It is important to stay in touch and review. When your business grows so will your needs and plan.

We will work with you to make sure your business and your future stays protected and achieve financial freedom!