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We Understand Your Financial Freedom

My team and I keep things simple by using the key financial security planning principles with our modern planning strategies. Our current and future success has been built off loyalty and trust, the foundation to any long-term relationship. We care about your success and achieving financial independence. Your success is our success.

Financial independence means something different to everyone. We take the time to get to know you, and your family. When we understand your goals and aspirations, we understand what financial independence means to you!

Whether it is retirement planning, goal-based investing, income replacement planning or wealth transfer planning (estate planning), our financial security advice is where we can help make your dreams into reality.

Looking for something specific?

Here is how we can help!


We build you a customized portfolio to meet your investment needs. Our process will assess your risk tolerance, so you stay invested for the long-term.

Life Insurance

Is the most selfless gift to anyone you care about. It provides you with a lump sum or scheduled payments to the people you love.

Critical Illness Insurance

The most important gift to yourself is the gift of options. You receive a lump-sum payment if you’re diagnosed with one of 26 conditions.

Disability Insurance

Maintain your independence and provide certainty to your family when you receive monthly payments to cover your regular expenses.

Group Benefits

Is an effective way to give value to your employees and attract quality talent. It is tax deductible to you and more effective than giving a wage increase!

Indvidual Health Benefits

Great for self-employed, recently retired or recently left their old job. You will receive coverage for your health and dental needs.


Get To Know John Lysack

We Know Finance

Everyone, and/or business, should have a customized financial security plan to suit their needs. Listening to my client’s goals, dreams and stories allows me to get a true understanding of what is important to them. After understanding you, I can adjust my services to the client's needs to build a financial plan that is customized to your needs.

How can we help?

"John has been extremely valuable in both his financial acumen and his alacrity on dealing with my investments. Extremely pleased."


"John is a consummate professional that got me a better deal than anyone else that I looked into. Would definitely recommend to anyone that requires his services."


"My husband and I had always had trouble getting insurance due to him having Cancer twice. When we met with John, he was prepared, knew what we were looking for and brought not only the viable options for us with him, but took a look at what we currently had.

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It turned out that one of the policies would have been null and void if needed. He took the time to show us our available options at a price that was reasonable, as well as explaining why that product was the best for us. I would highly recommend John for not only your Financial needs, but your insurance needs as well."


Personal Services


Financial planning is more than just saving and investing...

Both are very important strategies within a financial plan. But a financial plan is a comprehensive breakdown of your current and future state. It also takes into consideration the unthinkable “what ifs”. A well built plan and regular reviews can help you achieve your goals no matter what situation.

We break a financial plan into four sections...

Goal-based Investing

  • Each goal deserves its own plan
  • Modern technology to keep you on track
  • Exclusive investment options

Retirement Planning

  • Early retirement could be possible
  • Understanding your lifestyle
  • Regular reviews to make sure you are ok!

Income Replacement

  • Understand your value
  • Protecting you from the "what ifs"
  • Giving you money when you need it most

Wealth Transfer Planning

  • Did you know up to 53% of your net worth could go to taxes?
  • Give more to family and charity
  • What is fair VS equal

Business Services


What happens if you are unable to open the doors to your business?

When working with are business and self-employed clients, we recognize your business needs to be treated differently. Business owners don't have the same securities as employees and employees rely on your security.

With our strategies and planning, you can protect your business, your future, and provide security to those relying on you.

Group Benefits

  • Reduce turnover
  • Attract better talent
  • Reduce taxes
  • Increase morale!

Buy-Sell Funding

  • Protect business income
  • Provide liquidity options
  • Exit strategy!

Income & Debt Protection

  • Cover essential operating expenses
  • Pay off debt
  • Keep business open!

Key Person Protection

  • Protect profits
  • Protect business growth
  • reduce costs for training

Banking Solution Management

Financial Planning


It is important we both feel confident we can build a long-lasting relationship. We establish our expectations and decide what is the best way to move forward.


We spend more time talking about you and your goals. We take a deeper dive into your current state and discuss the vision of your future!

Financial Plan

Based on the prior discussions, we deliver an easy to follow roadmap that will lead you towards your financial goals. I will specifically address the areas that are of greatest importance to you to help achieve financial freedom


Your priorities and goals will inevitably shift through time which is why we are here to proactively prepare your plan. We will be a constant presence to ensure that your plan transitions along with you.